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Don’t worry! We remove and relocate bee swarms.

Not a bee swarm anymore but an established colony

About Swarms

Bee swarms are a marvellous phenomenon of nature and generally occur each year starting in spring. Swarming is a bee colony’s method of multiplying and growing in numbers. Another colony is created when a bee swarm succeeds and it occurs to support the survival of the bee species.

Usually, a bee swarm will settle in a tree or on a brick wall as a transient measure but sometimes they choose very interesting locations like a letter box, a car or a compost bin. As soon as you notice this you should call a local beekeeper. If you leave it too long, they may move on or establish a nest and make the space between your brick walls their new home. New bees will emerge from their cells 21 days after the queen lays her eggs. And the queen can lay up to 2,000 eggs a day. So the numbers of bees will grow very quickly.

Not a bee swarm anymore but an established colony


Do not spray the bees with insecticides or water. Bees sprayed can often provoke them to sting you.

Don’t panic. Bees are generally at their most passive state when swarming. They will most likely not attack if they are not provoked.

To preserve the bees, we will remove and relocate them into a beehive in our apiary. Once the bees are settled, healthy and active the bees will be given a new home in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs. If the bees have decided to make their home in a cavity of your house or shed, they can still be removed if it is possible to access them. Sometimes it involves the removal of wooden cladding or other structures. With the use of our gentle bee vacuum system, we can collect the bees safely into a hive.

Depending on travel distance, access and swarm size, it can be a quick and easy or a long and difficult process. So, please call us to get a quote. Our fee starts at $90 for the removal of a simple swarm. All proceeds will support our goal of protecting the honeybee population in Adelaide. In some cases, a bee swarm cannot be saved if the access is not possible. Please send us photos or a video clip so we can give you the best advice and service.
If an exterminator or pest controller is called it means that the environment has been negatively impacted due to the removal of vital pollinators. Please, see the information about bees on our start site and more under resources.

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