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Adelaide Bee Sanctuary

The motto of Adelaide Bee Sanctuary is ‘Let’s make Adelaide a Sanctuary for Bees’.
We aim to accomplish this by:

Raising Awareness

Raise awareness of the important role that bees and all pollinating insects have to our eco-system and food security

Excellence in beekeeping

Underpinned by a bee-centric approach

A Greener Adelaide

Support a greener and more sustainable Adelaide

Why Bees Matter

80% of the food we eat
relies on pollination!

Globally, we no longer have enough bees to pollinate our crops. Toxic pollutants, loss of habitat and the lack of biodiversity influences the health of our honeybee population and this threatens our own food security.

That is why, rescuing and relocating a bee swarm is a key service Adelaide Bee Sanctuary provides. We would like to see more bees in our suburbs and will expend opportunities to place beehives in private and public places while ensuring they are well managed. You can help by supporting the rescue of bees at Adelaide Bee Sanctuary in many ways (see service links).

Honey is Life

Get your Daily Dose of Antioxidants with our
Raw, Unprocessed Sanctuary Honey