Sponsor a Beehive

Sponsor a Beehive as an Individual or as a Company and
contribute to a more sustainable and green environment

The beehive

All sponsored beehives started out as a bee swarm we rescued in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs. It has been a delight to assist them to grow into strong and healthy colonies that play a major role in our local food security through pollination.

Your sponsorship will contribute to:

  • Raise awareness of the vital role that bees play in our eco-system and food security.

  • Rescuing and relocating of bees.

  • Promotion of cohabitation of people and bees in the urban environment.

  • Support a greener and more sustainable Adelaide.

Your Benefits

As the sponsor You will be provided with a portion of delicious raw honey
from the hive!

While Adelaide Bee Sanctuary takes care of the ongoing maintenance of the sponsored beehive(s), the sponsor will be provided with a portion of delicious raw honey ethically harvested from the hive(s). As beekeepers it is our responsibility to ensure that the bees have enough food reserves to sustain the colony through colder months. Rest assured, any honey you receive will be obtained from the colony’s surplus.

The honey will be delivered free of charge.

The sponsor may purchase additional honey from Adelaide Bee Sanctuary at a discounted price.

You can choose to sponsor one or more beehives annually for $200 per hive.

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