Adelaide Bee Sanctuary offers mentorship to help you managing your own beehive
suiting your urban beekeeping learning needs.

For Advanced and Beginners

Whether you have had a beehive before or are just starting out, whether your goal is to get honey, increase your garden produce, create things out of beeswax, or help our environment to thrive; we would love to help you achieve your goals and grow a passion for beekeeping.

Adelaide Bee Sanctuary offers a unique onsite mentorship which is tailored to your individual needs to embark on your beekeeping journey. Mentoring, where you can be actively involved is the perfect way to turbo-charge your learning experience.

This service is designed to help you get started and see you all the way through until you feel confident to “go solo”.

What You will learn

Applying what you learn as you go is an exciting experience and gives your bees the best chance to stay healthy and productive.

Your mentorship will focus on reflection, guidance and encouragement; all of which builds confidence – the key to become a successful beekeeper. Your life will be truly enriched through your beekeeping experience as you confidently tend to and care for your bees.

We will tailor this mentorship to your needs and situation, which could involve but is not limited to:

  • Advice to purchase essential equipment including beehive boxes, bee colony, tools, protective gear, honey extractor etc..
  • Assistance with registration requirements and record keeping
  • Sharing basic knowledge about honeybees.
  • Teaching practical skills of managing your hive, such as hive inspections, pest management and treatment, supplemental feeding, swarm assistance, and honey harvesting.

Additionally, we offer bee-sitting if you have a beehive but not time to manage it.

Please contact us to have a chat and for a quote. The price starts at $75/hr.

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