The perfect day out for your community group. Excellent for young school kids.
Make this amazing and fun learning experience part of an exceptional curriculum.

The perfect day out

Adelaide Bee Sanctuary provides the option of an excursion
to one of our beehive enclosures in the Athelstone Community Garden during the warmer months of the year.

One of our Excursions could be the perfect day out for your community group or an excellent opportunity for groups of children from the age of 6 to make this amazing and fun learning experience part of an exceptional curriculum.

We normally start with a short walk through the garden pointing out veggies and flowers, explaining how worm farm and compost work and watch the bees in action.

The second part is a bee talk where the life cycle of bees will be described and what role they play in our food security as well as the context of our ecosystem.

The work of a beekeeper will also be explained with a demonstration of some typical equipment.

Tailored to Your Group

Plus: we bring an observation hive! It's amazing to watch the bees working on the honeycomb behind glass.

Bee specific games for the children can be included to make it interactive and fun.

The community garden is located at a park in Athelstone with a children’s playground, lots of green lawn and toilets.

We can tailor this special day out according to the interests of the specific groups as well as to the educational needs of children.

Please contact us to get a quote and to discuss your expectations. We look forward to sharing our passion for bees and to help making this day an unforgettable experience for you.

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