Another incredible amazing bee fact!

Bees’ ability to memorize doesn’t stop at flowers. Researchers rewarded honeybees every time they visited a painting by a “rewarding” artist (either Monet or Picasso).

When bees were given paintings they had never seen before, they still visited the rewarding artist, suggesting they can discriminate between art styles.

This extends beyond Picasso and Monet, with bees learning to discriminate between Monet and Indigenous artist Noŋgirrŋa Marawili in a single afternoon! To top this up, honeybees can even recognize people’s faces.

Researchers have discovered that honeybees can be trained to associate a specific human face with a sugary reward and they eventually learn to identify and remember that face.

This incredible ability showcases the bees’ advanced visual perception and cognitive skills, highlighting their remarkable adaptability and intelligence.

What a wonderful creation. 🐝

So, the next time you encounter a honeybee buzzing around, remember that it just might remember your face! 😊